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brk1d Wall mount bracket
Status active
Part numbers brk1d = Wall mount bracket for case1d* enclosures.
Use with case1d* enclosures, e.g. case1d1u / case1d2u / case1d2blku etc.
Update 8/27/2018: New production batch of brk1d includes longer screws and spacers to get some air flow for apu systems.
Note Not recommend for use with apu1 series boards, as this will impair CPU cooling. For apu2 series, please use spacers to get some clearance between the enclosure and the wall.
Spec Steel wall mount bracket designed for case1d* indoor enclosures. Includes mounting hardware: 4 wall mount plugs, 4 spacers, 4 wallmount screws, 4 M3 screws for mounting to the bottom side of case1d* enclosure.
Dimensions 2 pieces, 191 x 10 mm each
Manufacturer PC Engines
Origin China
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