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PC Engines COVID-19 status
Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has led to global and local disruption.
Situation in Switzerland The Swiss Federal council has pronounced a state of emergency. Schools and non-essential shops are closed. Public and private gatherings are prohibited. Companies can still operate normally, although there is a significant proportion of people working from home now.
Supply chain Our suppliers in Asia are back at work, but may have reduced capacity due to workers returning from the Chinese New Year holiday slowly. There can be spot delays due to delayed component availability.
Inbound Logistics Sea freight may experience some delays due to "blank sailings" (i.e. cancelled round trips). Air freight capacity is limited due to many cancellations of passenger flights.
Our operations We have set up some simple "social distancing" measures to delimit the work areas of our employees. Open door policy to avoid touching door handles. Avoid sharing tools.
Capacity limitations Our staffing has always been lean. With the current situation we are even more reluctant to pull in additional external capacity, which may lead to delays for larger system assembly orders or other special requests. For efficient quoting and ordering, please use our web order form rather than ordering by email.
UPS / DHL UPS and DHL are operating normally so far. Normal transit time, or maybe one extra day.
NL Post Due to excessive delays and poor tracking transparency with USPS, US shipments will be by UPS only for the time being !

The postal service is operating, but international air mail may experience delays due to limited air freight capacity. If you need a reliable transit time, please ask for UPS shipping rather than "lowest cost" (default in our order form). Please see the country list for details.

In addition to delays in many destinations, some countries are updating their processes to minimize contact between deliverer and recipient during pick up and drop off. This can mean that they no longer request a signature for receipt and the shipment is simply delivered. It also may be the case that routes into certain countries become unavailable. We will continue to provide information about which disruptions may affect international mail and parcel delivery.

Delayed delivery - On following destinations we see delays: Argentina, Bahrain, Brunei, Brazil, Belize, Canada, Chile, Algeria, Estonia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Hong Kong, Honduras, India, Iraq, Jordan, Japan, South Korea, Kosovo, Lebanon, Lithuania, Latvia, Morocco, Panama, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Suriname, Chad, Ukraine, United States

Closed routes - On the following destinations the delivery of mail and parcels is not possible: Kuwait, Libya, Mongolia, Djibouti, Somalia, Peru, Moldova

Further information Any questions, just ask !
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