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EOL policy It has always been our aim to provide stable platforms to our customers. Some of our products have been in production for well over 10 years. However, technology eventually moves on, and essential components get discontinued.
alix series EOL
alix1e EOL.
alix2d2, alix2d18, alix2e18, alix2f18 EOL
alix2d3, alix2d13, alix2e13, alix2f13 EOL
alix3d2 EOL
alix3d3 EOL
alix6f2, alix6i2, alix6j2 EOL
apu1 series Undead. The CPU power regulator is EOL, we have done a lifetime buy. Once this stock is exhausted, apu1 will be discontinued (expect around mid 2019 depending on sales rate). A redesign to use a different controller would be possible, but does not seem attractive given the higher cost and power consumption compared to apu2. More production might be possible given sufficient quantity demand, patience and budget.
apu2 / apu3 series Based on an AMD embedded CPU, this platform should have good long term availability. This CPU should be available until 2024 according to AMD.
cm9 EOL
dcma81 EOL
dcma82 EOL
dnma92 EOL
wlm200nx EOL
wle200nx Chipset EOL, available while supplies last.
wle600vx, wle900vx Undead. Qualcomm currently does not take new orders for the chipset. Limited supply available.
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