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mpci1a PCI to miniPCI adapter
Status EOL, superseded by mpci1b
Part numbers mpci1a = PCI to miniPCI adapter, not RoHS compliant
Spec Passive adapter from PCI to miniPCI bus, allows installation of miniPCI peripherals in PCI systems. The slot bracket has a punchout compatible with SMA pigtail cables.
Issues CAUTION: MPCI.1A connects PCI pins A10, A16, B19, A59, B59 to 5V VCC. These pins must be disconnected for systems with 3.3V VIO.
  • Recommended for use in systems with 5V slots and with 5V tolerant radio cards.
  • The system board must supply 3.3V to the PCI bus, no on-board regulator.
Manufacturer PC Engines
Origin Taiwan
Schematics PDF
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