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sign1a Pixel art LED sign kit
Status beta test
Part numbers sign1a = Pixel art LED sign kit, not including LEDS or frame
Description Design a 24 x 16 pixel art pattern. Then practice through hole and simple SMT soldering while building your own, one of a kind LED sign.
Parts included sign1a PCB fab, SMT resistors, power cable with 2.1 or 2.5 mm DC coupling (specify your preference).

Beta offer - while supplies last, we can supply red / green / blue / white LEDs, please indicate quantity based on your design.

Not included 5 mm round LEDs (try e.g. at aliexpress.com), hookup wire, solder, 12V AC adapter, 13 x 18 cm frame (e.g. Ikea Gunnabo), tools (see instructions).
Instructions PDF download. The soldering is not as easy as it looks...
Origin China
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