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wrusb1a1 single USB adapter
Status EOL
Part numbers wrusb1a = dual USB, RoHS compliant (24-06 or later date codes)
wrusb1a1 = single USB, RoHS compliant (24-06 or later date codes)
Use with wrap1e103
Not compatible with WRAP.2C !
Spec Single or dual USB adapter for WRAP.1C / WRAP.1D / WRAP.1E / WRAP.2D / WRAP.2E boards. The USB controller inside AMD Geode SC1100 supports USB 1.1.
Includes wrusb adapter, 10 pin cable assembly, header, 0603 zero ohm resistors
Installation Solder the 5x2 pin header on the WRAP board. Modify power circuit as needed. Connect the adapter using the flat cable. Enter S during memory test to get into BIOS setup, enable USB there (old BIOS versions don't have this option, and will require upgrade).
Issues Existing WRAP enclosures don't have USB cutouts, mechanical modifications will be needed.

The 5V linear regulator (78L05) on the WRAP board is limited to 100 mA, and is very inefficient at higher input voltages. Should be ok for low power flash keys or self-powered hubs / peripherals. Otherwise modifications wil be needed. Either connect your own 5V supply to the WRUSB adapter, or modify the WRAP board for 5V operation:

WRAP.1C / WRAP.1D / WRAP.1E = install supplied 0 ohm resistors in locations R101 and R102 (bottom side).
WRAP.2D / WRAP.2E = install supplied 0 ohm resistors in locations R77 (bottom side) and R78 (top side).
With this modification, 5V DC must be supplied through the DC jack, Power over Ethernet or 18V supply cannot be used.

Manufacturer PC Engines
Origin Taiwan
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