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WRAP First generation of our system boards, based on the National / AMD SC1100 CPU.
ALIX Second generation, based on the hard to kill AMD Geode LX CPU.
APU Third generation, end of life.
Product list More discontinued products can be found here.
tinyBIOS Our minimalistic open source BIOS, used on WRAP and ALIX boards.
Chocolate Mousse Impress your friends and fatten your enemies...
OrCAD SDT schematic tools Don't count out old-school tools too soon. The programmers of current Windows based schematic capture tools would do well to review the productivity possible with a few macros.
Cadence Allegro Keypad Again, some simple ways to optimize CAD tools.
TOY/2 CPU architecture Just in case you need a 16 bit CPU that will fit in 3000 transistors.
Turbo Pascal 3.01 internals Find out what makes this classic compiler tick.
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