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cf4slc CompactFlash card
Status Active
Part numbers cf4slc = CompactFlash 4 GB, SLC flash, RoHS compliant
Spec 4 GB CompactFlash card, SMI 2232 controller, SLC flash. Supports UDMA.
Issues RECALL for cards with date code AA25 and higher, version S and T (marked at the front edge). New version firmware is marked by a notch (done by us) or laser marked K (factory in Taiwan).
Compatibility Mikrotik RouterOS is ultra picky about CF controllers, not recommended.

Please note that these cards support DMA, must disable DMA when used on WRAP.1C / .1D / .2C boards.

Performance / endurance SLC flash offers higher endurance and better performance than MLC flash. It still helps to know some technical background on NAND flash.
Manufacturer Abomem / Data Power
Origin Taiwan
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