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Update 4/18/2023 After a long production run, the AMD processor is finally going EOL.
Update 7/8/2022 Add shortages on the AMD processor. We should have received a delivery end of June, pushed back to be end of September. Which puts next board availability into the October time frame.

  • While Wistron Neweb has good production capacity, the board test process is likely to limit production throughput when the missing parts actually arrive.
  • Existing orders will be filled first, new orders may take longer.
  • We don't like to sit on customer money, but...
  • Fast, high volume production will eat cash. Customers with outstanding invoices / slow payments will NOT be a priority.
  • Expect our products to move to a build-to-order model. We cannot afford to end up with large amounts of stranded inventory.
  • Please reconfirm that your orders are still good.
Update 11/18/2021 Intel has quietly changed the EOL date for the i211at NIC from 2029 to 2022. The more expensive i210at NIC remains in production (but is on allocation through end of 2023).

As I don't expect supply to normalize any time soon, prices have been adjusted to the current reality of NICs sourced from the expensive grey market. Our margins are too slim to just absorb the added cost.

For customers with existing back orders: We will contact you with estimated pricing. Back orders will be CANCELLED unless we hear back from you !

Update 8/4/2021 Initial version
intel delivers Well, that was their advertising tag line in the 1970s. Times change. Due to an extended shortage for the NICs used on our boards, we will not be able to make regular deliveries in the next few months. The lead time for new NIC orders is quoted around 52 weeks.
Chip shortages Major foundries like TSMC are running at 100% capacity, leading to escalating lead times. The pandemic has disrupted global logistics, which further slows down everything. This affects the whole industry, not just Intel. For example, Qualcomm does not take new orders for the chipset used on wle600vx / wle900vx at this time.
DRAM The market price for 256Mx8 DRAM is currently about the same as for 512Mx8 DRAM. This makes the 2GB configurations rather pointless. Depending on availability and price, we will change to a 4GB non-ECC configuration. 512Mx8 DRAM prices seem to have stabilized at about twice last year's price - OEMs will only buy so much DRAM when they are hamstrung by chip shortages.
Change to different NICs ? I will certainly look at alternatives like Intel i225, or Realtek 1G or 2.5G NICs - but this will take months for design, prototyping, testing, EMI certification and component lead time.
Grey market for the NICs ? There is some limited availability. i211at are expensive, i210at (used on apu2e4) are extremely expensive. To focus supply on the customers that really need the boards, we will pass on the added cost 1:1.
apu2e0 2 x i211at. DRAM cost will also add to the old price.
apu2e2 3 x i211at. DRAM cost will also add to the old price.
apu2e4 3 x i210at, or 3 x i211at (downgrade version, identify as apu2e5). Difference between the NICs: i210at supports 4 receive queues, i211at only 2. This may make a slight difference on performance at heavy packet loads.
apu3 3 x i211at.
apu4 4 x i211at.
I already paid ? We will refund your payment. We don't want to sit on your money.
What about my back order ? Please contact us for these options:
  • Cancel the order.
  • Wait for sunnier days. It could be a long wait.
  • Get i211at from the grey market.
  • apu2e4 - Get i210at from the grey market (seriously expensive), or downgrade to i211at (just expensive).
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