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 IDE to CompactFlash adapters
Use together with industry standard CompactFlash cards for a solid state hard disk replacement. This means lower power, fast read access time and high reliability. On most systems, a CompactFlash card will look just like a regular IDE disk drive to the system BIOS and operating system. No special device drivers are required. Due to limitations of the CompactFlash IDE mode, hot insertion of cards is NOT supported. Also see data sheet.
cf1eh / cf1ef: Replacement for 3.5" hard disk drives, 40 pin IDE connector. Mounting hole locations same as the bottom holes of a hard disk drive. Board size is 2" x 4". Available with a hard disk or floppy power connector. Jumper configuration for master or slave.
cf2g: Replacement for 2.5" hard disk drives, 44 pin IDE connector. The 44 pin connector includes power. Designed for use in notebook drive trays or with a 44 pin cable. Four M3 screw mounts from below. Master / slave configured by cable select (remove R1, install jumper to hardwire for master).

For legacy systems, we also offer cf2h with additional mounting points. Popular for replacing creaky old hard drives in voice mail systems and industrial controls.

cf5h / cf5hs: Replacement for 3.5" hard disk drives, plugs directly onto a 40 pin IDE connector. Uses a floppy power connector. Hardwired as master. Not recommended for high vibration environments.
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