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 POST code displays
During power-up self test (POST), most PC system BIOSes write status codes to I/O port 80h or 84h. A POST code display shows the last value written to this port as a hexadecimal number. Use this code to diagnose problems. BIOS Central has a very complete collection of POST code tables. PCI Post Card Image
PC Engines offers these high quality POST code displays:

post5a miniPCI POST code display
post4d PCI POST code display
postrd remote display kit for post4d (EOL)
post2b ISA POST code display (EOL)

miniPCI Post Card Image
 Test adapters
PC Engines offers these low cost test adapters for PCI and ISA bus:

post5a miniPCI POST code display with test pins
pcibus1b PCI bus test adapter (EOL, blank PCBs available on request)
isabus1a ISA bus test adapter (EOL)

miniPCI Post Card Image
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