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alix1d System board
Status replaced by alix.1e
Part numbers alix1d = LX800 CPU, 256 MB SDRAM
Spec CPU: 433 or 500 MHz AMD Geode LX
DRAM: 128 or 256 MB SDRAM on board
Storage: CompactFlash socket, 44 pin IDE
Power: 12V DC, DC-DC converter on board. No bulky ATX PSU needed.
Expansion: miniPCI + 3.3V PCI + LPC + optional I2C
Connectivity: 1 Ethernet channel (Via VT6105M 10/100)
I/O: 2 COM, 4 USB, 1 LPT, audio, VGA
Board size: 6.7 x 6.7" (miniITX), low profile.
Firmware: Award BIOS
Documentation ALIX manual
Enclosure box1c enclosure
alixbrk bracket + standard miniITX enclosure
Varia desktop enclosure
Yawarra enclosures (with optional support for PCI card)
BIOS update beta various updates (release MFGPT timers)
beta fix VGA DDC issue (boot hang)
8/27/08 restored power button support
6/16/08 added 48 bit HDD support
9/14/07 updated PXE boot module
8/21/07 added boot menu (press Escape)
7/21/07 fixed cold start issues
You will need a CF card that boots FreeDOS, see instructions for easier installation.
Drivers Linux, *BSD: should be included in recent distributions.
Windows XP audio / video / crypto drivers
Windows XP Via VT6105M network driver
ALIX.1D changes Minor change to flash circuit to support Winbond flash. Otherwise identical.
Manufacturer PC Engines
Origin Taiwan
Schematics PDF
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