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PC Engines Attic  
These lists are provided for your convenience, and are not guaranteed to be current or complete. Many items are rather dusty, for historical interest only...  
PC Engines "Goodies"  
BIOS Books  
ISA & PCI Books  
Manufacturing & Quality Assurance Books  
PCMCIA & Cardbus Books  
USB, & Firewire Books  
Web Sites  
PC Engines "Goodies"  
Custom embedded PC design  
Embedded x86 CPUs (single chip)  
Pascal's industrial strength chocolate mousse  
Programmable Keypad for Cadence Allegro  
The TOY/2 CPU Architecture  
Tools for OrCAD SDT Schematic Capture  
Turbo Pascal 3.01A Code Generation and Compiler Internals  
WRAP single board computer (EOL)  
BIOS Books  
IBM Personal System/2 and Personal Computer BIOS Interface Technical Reference IBM Corporation, IBM No. S68X-2341-00 (out of print ?)
Interrupt List (HTML version) / PC Interrupts : A Programmer's Reference to BIOS, DOS, and Third-Party Calls Ralf Brown, Jim Kyle (out of print)
System BIOS for IBM PCs, Compatibles, and Eisa Computers : The Complete Guide to ROM-Based System Software Phoenix Technologies (out of print)
ISA & PCI Books  
Indispensable PC Hardware Book Hans-Peter Messmer
ISA & EISA: Theory and Operation: Including PC, XT, AT, ISA, and EISA I/O bus operation Edward Solari
ISA System Architecture Tom Shanley, Don Anderson, John Swindle
The PC Handbook John P. Choisser, John O. Foster
The PCI Handbook Brian Dipert
PCI and PCI-X Hardware and Software (5th Edition) Ed Solari
PCI System Architecture (4th Edition) Tom Shanley, Don Anderson
PCI Hot-Plug Application & Design Alan Goodrum, Ed Solari
Plug and Play System Architecture Mindshare Inc., Tom Shanley, Don Anderson
Winn L. Rosch Hardware Bible (5th Edition) Winn L. Rosch
Circuit Cellar Hardware-oriented, some embedded PC coverage
CompactPCI Systems Compact PCI-based hardware
Embedded Systems Programming Software-oriented.
RTC Magazine Mostly high-end, VME-based hardware.
Manufacturing & Quality Assurance Books  
Optimizing Quality in Electronics Assembly James Allen Smith, Frank B. Whitehall
PCMCIA & Cardbus Books  
PCMCIA System Architecture Don Anderson
Inside the PC Card: Cardbus and PCMCIA Design Faisal Imdad-Haque, Faisal Haque
PCMCIA Software Developer's Handbook Dana L. Beatty, Steve M. Kipisz, Brian E. Moore, Steven M. Kipisz
Cardbus System Architecture Mindshare Inc., Tom Shanley, Don Anderson
USB, & Firewire Books  
Firewire System Architecture Don Anderson. Mindshare, Inc.
Parallel Port Complete Jan Axelson, Janet Louise Axelson
The SCSI Bus and IDE Interface: Protocols, Applications and Programming. Friedhelm Schmidt, J.Michael Shultz
Serial Port Complete Jan Axelson
USB Hardware and Software John Garney, Ed Solari, Shelagh Callahan, Kosar Jaff and Brad Hosler
USB System Architecture Don Anderson
USB Complete: Everything You Need to Develop Custom USB Peripherals Jan Axelson
USB Design by Example John Hyde
Jungo USB driver tools Jungo Ltd.
Standards available on-line are frequently the last draft revision, not the official document. They are usually good enough. The official, printed version can be very expensive.  
996, 996.1 ISA  
ATX / MicroATX / FlexATX specifications  
Via Mini-ITX  
Microsoft: PC97, Plug & Play, etc.  
Notebook FPD standards  
PC/104, PC/104+  
EBX specification  
PC Card / CardBus  
Phoenix -> PC industry specifications  
PICMG Passive Backplane PCI / ISA  
Web Sites  
EG3 Lots of embedded resources
linuxdevices.com Linux for embedded devices
www.siliconpenguin.com More embedded Linux.
Embedded Star Articles and news on embedded devices.
www.sandpile.org Information on Pentium, technical details, etc.
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